sometimes a terse headline takes a lot longer to parse - "US women fired by Sweden upset in Rio" ... I mean, if my Swedish employers terminated my contract whilst I was in Rio, I'd be miffed as well ...

@PCOWandre - Dr Fun was one of the earliest regular web comics I know of and was in daily release for much of 1993-2006

if I'm reading the paper correctly, the UTM is effectively the host for a virtual TM and in this attack, the states that the UTM goes through to implement the virtual TM can be exploited with careful input so that the virtual tape head of the TM ends up in the data area of the virtual tape and executing arbitrary code ...

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via Risky Business Podcast - The Register reports (among others) of code execution vulnerabilities in Minsky's Universal Turing Machine implementation from 1967 ...


old-style: {"locationId":"c066ea81-4f9e-4474-8242-390cd894bad5","locationName":"Public Record Office Victoria - Public Record Office Victoria","jti":"0ad3ba77-83c3-4d72-977f-3117d4c7edda","exp":3183420454,"iat":1605583654,"iss":""}

new-style: {"t":1,"lid":"U2FsdGVkX1/36yzY+thZTGsha1/QwQ4chZAR1HBOhKm7rr68hDDfvBFEc0D9lj6cA1eI8dVahDEKJtmXvmOlxg==","ln":"Cobradah Homestead"}

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which means that the newer QR code is likely to be easier to scan as it doesn't have to be as dense ...

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I think that something has changed though - previous URLs generated with a metadata=XXX argument appear to contain a full-blown JWT with signatures and issuing numbers and are huge ... more current ones seem to be a simple base64 encoded JSON blob of location name and a hashed binary string ... 600char vs 200char (ish) - including the leading base url

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hat-tip to @bruceherbert for this - some sort of mapping/survey flights going on over Melbourne at the moment - check this out:

sometimes there are mornings and other times there are Mornings ...

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