Anna noticed this scene when she went out to walk Rocko, and I thank her very much for hassling me to get up and go shoot it.

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Slightly earlier, with the moon behind the tree-top. Shot at 150mm (full-frame equiv), again at f/8, again straight out of the camera.

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This was straight out of my camera. Taken at 600mm (full-frame equiv, I shoot MFT) @ f/8.

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imagine being the first ship captain to go through the suez after it gets unblocked, and knowing that you have the power to do the single funniest thing that anyone has ever done. would you be able to resist that temptation?

JB sums up the week pretty well:

"The incel group chat of eccentric furniture polishing fetishists is panicking."

The Grimshaw interview with Morrison was pretty grim. He's still trying to obfuscate and "manage" his way around this.

Also different modifier keys. e.g., to close a tab in my personal workspace it's command-W, but in work's workspace it's control-W.

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Split my work and personal envs out yesterday. Work is now in a big VM running Ubuntu.

Mostly working pretty well so far, nice to have the Mac magnifier in Linux. But the various task-switching key combos are taking some getting used to.

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Why did they call it "embrace, extend, extinguish" instead of "marry, fuck, kill"?

Got a vaccine appointment. Not until mid-May, though, but at least I'm booked in now.

So the latest incredibly stupid thing from Australia: the NSW Police Commissioner wants to make a "consent app".

(Image nicked from @DustyPee on Twitter.)

Today I wrote my first tiny bit of Golang.

A bit cargo-culty, but now the ECS task runner we use can be told to use a newer Fargate version than 1.30.0.

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Everyone _has_ a DR plan. They may just not have realised that it's "panic".

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have you ever thought about how having a penis is basically like having gonzo's face as genitals

I find I’m getting used to the Apple Magic Keyboard.

Our dog has an adventurous palette.

He wants to try all the flavours the world has to offer: boxes, books, plastic packaging, steel, wood and various wood finishings, ceramics, and even sometimes things we might recognise as food!

This is pretty horrific. I do wonder, though, at the Oz suddenly reporting on it mere days after Craig Kelly left the party:

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