The ancient Greeks understood how to use the three seashells: "The anthropologist also cited an ancient Greek proverb which said 'three stones are enough to wipe one's arse'."

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In Australia, almost a million people cannot leave their homes, as Sydney is blocked due to the fact that an 80-year-old man allegedly died from Covid and another 111 people out of 80,000 have tested positive.
82,000 tests, 111 positive - this is 0.135% of the total (some of these 111 may be false positive)

Jay Rosen @jayrosen_nyu

You know those media bias charts that claim to arrange the major news providers from left to right leaning?
I'd like to see one that tries to position popular news sources on a standards-of-verification axis. In other words, from most likely to be evidence-based to least likely.

Anyone got a conversion chart for Bourbon?

Uhhmmm, Asking for a friend.

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